Maroon 5 – Misery

They have been away for quite some time now but the lads from Maroon 5 are finally back with Misery their brand new single just in time for summer.

Misery doesn’t veer too far away from Grammy Award-winning band’s back catalog, sounding similar to 2007′s Makes Me Wonder. With its catchy chorus and Adam Levine’s always-mesmerizing-falsetto, this is a sure hit on the charts. The music video for the song has already been shot by director Joseph Khan, and according to Levine, it will be, “fun” and “violent”.

Described as one of their ‘poppiest’ record to date, the new album titled ‘Hands Over’ will drop on September 21. Adam hinted that this will be the final Maroon 5 album as “the band has reached its peak”. But seriously, three studio albums and the band has peaked? I wanna hear more from this awesome band, please.

Misery Lyrics :

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
So scared of breaking it
But you won’t let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I won’t ever send
Somehow it is cut so much
Deeper then they seem
You’d rather cover up
I’d rather let them be
So let me be
And I’ll set you free

I am in misery
There ain’t no other
Who can comfort me
Why won’t you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I’m gonna get you back
Gonna get you back

Your salty skin and how
It mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be
Completely intertwined
It’s not that I didn’t care
It’s that I didn’t know
It’s not what I didn’t feel,
It’s what I didn’t show
So let me be
And I’ll set you free

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